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International Students


The academic year at Portage Collegiate Institute runs on a semester system. The first semester begins in September and ends in January, while the second one begins in February and ends in June. Students may begin studies at the beginning either of the two semesters. There are vacations in December and March.

International students applying to Portage la Prairie School Division should include a completed application, transcripts indicating past academic performance, a C$100 application fee and an official medical certificate fee and an official medical certificate that discloses any serious illnesses or health problems. Students are assessed based on their academic performance and desire to study in Manitoba.

Upon acceptance, students must apply for a student visa, which authorizes them to study in Canada. Student visas must be obtained prior to entry into Canada. All fees must be paid by the start of the semester in which the student plans to begin studies.

All students are required to purchase private medical insurance for the duration of their studies at Portage la Prairie School Division. Insurance can be purchased in the student’s country of residence or in Canada (at the cost of approximately C$360 per year).

Support for International Students

There is a small international student population in Portage la Prairie. Students receive plenty of attention and assistance in their academic programs as well as for private and personal concerns. Resource teachers, guidance counselors and teacher assistants all offer support to international students who are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to a Canadian lifestyle and educational system. Recreational facilities are open to all students and provide an excellent setting for meeting members of the community and establishing relationships with other international students.



- A registration form, school reference form and declaration must be completed

- A copy of student mark statements


- Tuition costs are $10,000.00* Canadian per year and there is a $100 non-refundable application fee. *(this figure is subject to change).

Upon acceptance, students must apply for a student visa, which is required to entry  into Canada.

The applicant is responsible for arranging accommodations or homestay.  The school division will assist where possible.

Fax to: 204 239 5998
Mail to:
The Portage la Prairie School Division
535 - 3rd Street N.W.
Portage la Prairie, MB
Canada, R1N 2C4


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